Olight Baton PRO Review and Flash Sale

The Olight Baton PRO is a 2000 lumens flashlight with a floodlight style light pattern that really does a good job. And, surprise, they are having a Flash Sale to introduce this newest flashlight in the Baton family. Here are the details and link: https://SurvivalOnPurpose.com/Olight
Flash Sale Date: Oct. 1st Whole day EDT
1.Baton Pro Black 30% OFF (MAP: $89.95; Sales price:$62.97), limit 2 per person
2.Bundle: Baton Pro Black+L-Dock Kit 40% OFF (MAP: $119.9; Sales price:$71.94), limit 2 per person
3.Limited edition Baton Pro Blue 30% OFF (MAP: $99.95; Sales price:$69.96), limit 2 per person
3.Free gifts:
a. Spend over $99 get 1pc i1R (MAP: $16.95) for free;
b. Spend over $159 get 1pc M1T EU (MAP:$39.95) for free
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