Cheapest and BEST rocket stove

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Your survival supplies could get you killed.

In a worse case event you might have to flee leaving some of your supplies.

BEWARE…Buying property with a river or creek on it.

Make sure you know what you are buying.

Bioscarf…Do you need it to survive winter. I THINK A BETTER CHOICE FOR ME The inner material is stronger than

TOTALPAC A small folding backpack for preppers or hikers.

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7 Million without water for days….Could be YOU

Sportsman’s Guide Military surplus gear…Buyer Beware

The best place to get prepping and homesteading items.

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99% of preppers do not have this item in their vehicle.

These two items will keep you alive and healthy. Do you have them in your vehicle.

Surgery went good…THANK YOU

Words can not express the gratitude to so many that prayed and extend their love to…